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Dienstag, 21. November 2017, 09:42

Why Should We Decarbonize Our Car

Why Should We Decarbonize Our Car’s Engine?

I always heard that the owner of car complained that after ran one or two years, the automobile engine will have performance degradation in different levels: economic performance degradation, fuel consumption increase, short of power, fast acceleration not free, start not smooth, especially in cold start, excessive exhaust emission, noise increase, the engine oil turns black fast or even slightly burned.
When the owners of car went to auto service shop, the workers always suggested that they to decarbonize their car’s engine. Why should I decarbonize my car’s engine? These owners asked themselves. Here are some reasons.
1.For cars
With the continuous development of science and technology, cars have become more and more sophisticated. But there still has been a large number of carbons, impurities, colloids in fuel and engine oil. Under the 25% to 30% engine burn rate circumstances, the accumulated carbon makes the engine can’t work normally and coordinately, which resulted in a lower overall performance and the car no longer has a good manipulation ability. It also brings hidden danger to the safe driving.
The owner of car always complained that after one or two years, the engine is underpowered but can’t find the reasons. The accumulated carbon inside brings a serious impact to the engine and shorten its service life. As we know, the three killer factors to the engine service life are: corrosion, abrasion and accumulate carbon. The engine oil should be clean within the motor normal maintenance period, and when close to the engine oil change interval, it becomes slight dark, moderate viscosity but no apparent impurities.
However, if the engine oil comes with phenomenon of darken earlier, viscosity increasing and metal foams, the conclusion could be that the contamination (also known as oil sludge) inside the crank case has been occurred.
Doing engine carbon deposit removal in this case can save fuel by 15%, improve engine power by 20%, and scour the exhaust pipe wall to improve the power. (According to HHO Carbon Clean Machine test results) It can prolong your car’s life,Why Should We Decarbonize Our Car